What is Sozo Life?

Rebecca's hands holding the wordSozo (from the Greek) is most often translated as salvation or saved, but is so much more!  Sozo is abundant life, complete wholeness, living restored, gifts flowing, blessings in abundance.  To live ‘sozo’ is to live the full life.  Jesus came that we might live life to the fullest, learning to walk out our earthly journey as a person of love and influence.  We are designed to live in a way that grows and challenges us, while blessing, healing, and restoring those around us.  Sozo is about you.

MISSION:  Sozo Life & Leadership’sprimary focus is to teach the true identity and value of women as God’s image bearers so they become the woman with a biblewomen He created and fulfill their purpose alongside their brothers as women of authority.  Teaching is written to upack hidden gifts and dreams that God designed into the hearts of women.

Sozo Life & Leadership’s secondary focus  is to come alongside men and women leaders in business, church, and civic groups with teaching on intentional living, personal growth, and leadership.  All material is based on principles from the Bible about relationships and authority.

There is more to life.  We can learn how to receive all that Jesus came to give us.  So to begin, get comfortable and click on Your Sozo Story ~ Blog above.

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When you’re ready to walk through the next door, contact me for speaking or training or retreats for your group.  I love seeing others realize more of their value and potential and take steps to walk in it.

Your design is incredibly amazing, friend.  You + God = Anything is Possible!  Remember that.

Love & Grace,

~Robin Lawrimore Lewis

Permission: Subscribers may use any material published here for teaching or encouragement of others.  I only ask that you give credit to the author and website.  Thanks!

person I have become

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Sozo logo 2 with circlesReferences: John 10:10-11 NASB, 2 Timothy 1:7 NLV, Genesis 1:26-28 NLT