Sozo Life & Leadership:Building with the Power of Encouragement

Ever wonder why life is not more fulfilling?

Want to know more of who God made you to be and why?

Jesus said He came to give us abundant life, so where is it?

Framed in encouragement, Robin’s teaching on

our identity, value, and purpose

inspires people of all ages to live the unique and amazing life

God has designed for them to live.

Encouragement is breath to those who 

want to live a better story.  

The right words bring life.  Isaiah 50:4 says, “The Sovereign Lord has given me His words of wisdom so that I know what to say to sustain the weary ones.”  It’s these kinds of words that encourage – that give hope – that help us find the courage to live a better life.

The Greek word Sozo describes the abundant life we are created to experience, that demonstrates renewal and restoration, personally and professionally.

Every individual needs to understand God’s definition of their true identity, value, and purpose and how they were designed with great thought, love, and intention. Whether your organization is a corporation, small business, church, or civic group, the topics are applicable and intrinsic for all. The power of encouragement can help build an atmosphere of honor, respect, and growth in your group or organization.

We each get one life and our ideas, strength, and contributions to our family, church, workplace, and culture are needed.  Too many people are content to live a life someone else designed, or remain in a culture-driven or traditional box. We have one life so let’s become the individuals we were created to be!

Robin Lewis would love to meet you. Contact her today for more info or a cup of coffee. She is available for speaking, training, and spiritual coaching for individuals, groups, churches, businesses, and civic organizations.

“Everyone needs encouragement, and every word counts!

One life? ~Let’s get started! Email me today and let’s get together!”

Loads of Grace,


From the desk by the window on a day spilling over with possibility!

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and a sound mind.”  2 Timothy 1:7

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